About Courtney Jess Photography

Hi, I'm Courtney

I’m a free-spirited photographer based in Kimberley, British Columbia. I am available for travel anywhere in the world! I love experiencing new cultures and landscapes. When I'm not behind my computer or camera you can find me camping with a cup of coffee and baileys, hiking, skiing, gardening, or sweating like a hog attempting to mountain bike.

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Keepin' it real

No buzzwords, no bogus. I'm just a quirky girl with a real genuine desire to connect and capture a moment of your life. I'll try to make you smile by cracking some lame-o-naide jokes. I'll even put in some leg work to find some of the most bad ass locations you can imagine. If you're looking for adventure and don't give a crap about getting your attire or hair wet, and care more about emotions above anything else, I'm your girl!