Hannah + Matt | Fernie Golf Club Mt. Hosmer View Wedding Photography

November 10, 2022

Hannah and Matt had the most unbelievably beautiful wedding day at the Fernie Golf Club. They decided to get married in Fernie because they’ve had some really awesome memories camping, golfing, hiking, biking and soaking in the beauty Fernie has to offer. Their wedding reception tied in their love for craft beer by placing growlers from their favourite breweries as centre pieces. It only made sense to add a stop at Fernie Brewing Co. on their wedding day for a quick pint and some alone time. Especially seeing since it’s one of their favourite craft breweries. We finished off the day with golden hour photos in front of their favourite mountain range. It was perfect.
hannah matt-91.jpghannah matt-70.jpghannah matt-79.jpghannah matt-98.jpg
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