Teagen + Jeff | Carrot River Wedding Photography

Teagen and Jeff were married October 28, 2017. They had a beautiful fall wedding at the Carrot River United Church. Their wedding day celebrated their love perfectly, with plenty of laughs, tears and of course a big ol’ celebration at the end. 

“Jeff, my best friend, my adventure partner, and the love of my life
I want to start off by saying that I am marrying you today without any hesitation or doubt. You truly do make me one of the happiest girls in the world. I will never forget the day about 5 years ago, Jeff Cavanaugh politely texted me and asked if I would mow his lawn for the summer while he was away working. Of course, I got the butterflies and thought to myself, how could I say no to my high school crush? and now, we are standing here today in front of all the people we love, getting married. 
Jeff, you are my person, my go -to-guy, the one that gives me a thousand hugs a day, the one I want to wake up to every morning (even if you were out all night). You are the one I want to have a family with and grow old with. I want to travel and make a lifetime of memories with you. 
Thank you for always listening, giving me advice, making my bad days better, and being the most supportive guy I know. I truly do love you and appreciate everything you do for me. 
Today I vow to:
love you daily
keep you healthy
support you in all your dreams
to be there on the good days and the bad
to grow old with you
I love you and I will never give up on you, I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you.”
“Teagen, I promise to love and cherish you forever, I will support your decisions, embrace your feelings, and accept your opinion even if mine differ. It’s been over a year since the day we got engaged. Looking back at those photos on the top of the mountain, I realize its you that gets me to the top. Without you I could not accomplish all that I may be capable of. You have always been a great person, and everyone in your life has become a better person because of you. You reflect positively on everyone, whether its helping them choose wrong from right, encouraging someone that they can if they think they cant, or just brightening their day by being goofy. You do your best everyday and make me want to do my best too. I am thankful everyday we have had together thus far, and I am excited to spend the rest of my life with you. I truly believe we are soul mates, and can’t believe such a great person was meant for me. I plan to be the best man, father and husband I can be, and I know that you will be right beside me giving it 100% as well. 
Today I give you my hand and my heart as I marry you without any hesitation or doubt.”


Ceremony: Carrot River United Church
Reception: Carrot River Town Hall
Dress: Exquisite bridal, Saskatoon
Bridesmaids dresses: For Her and For Him online website
Hair: Tanis Lussier – hair
Makeup: Alyssa Morris
Suits: Moores, Saskatoon
Decor rental: Delicate petals, Prince Albert
Entertainment: Impact mobile music, Tisdale
Officiant: Rev. Nancy Steinbachs
Decor: Shawna Kozun – Pew Markers and Decorating
flowers: Nipawin Florist & Twisted Tree

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