What do I wear to my session?

This is the most frequently asked question.

Fear not, I have a guide with helpful tips for you!




You want to coordinate with your partner as well as the environment of the engagement session. Neutrals are strongly suggested. This being said, netural doesn’t necessarily mean black, white, or grey. Muted tones of colors work great. For example, think mud green, mustard yellow, rust orange, or navy blue. You want to avoid wearing neons and bright colours such as red, pink and neon orange, these colours tend to reflect on to your partners skin, and alter the tone of your skin.

Movement creates emotion and tells a story. I usually get my couples to move a lot when I’m photographing them. Outfits that flow in the wind and show movement create the most beautiful images.

If one person is wearing a pattern, the other should stick to a solid or quiet, very dainty pattern. Big, loud colourful patterns photograph poorly. They compete with the environment, if not completely take away from it. Big stripes, circles, loud florals, etc take away from the emotion of the photograph. You can have the most romantic photo-shoot but if one person is wearing a large striped or polka dot dress all you’ll see is the large stripes.

THE most important rule: Wear something that you’re comfortable in.

If you’re constantly worrying about pulling up your flimsy top, or keep hiking down your skirt, then you will look uncomfortable and it will show on your face.

You should be able to move around and become immersed in the moment.

dress for the weather

You should also dress for the weather. If it’s -30° out wear a sweater, not a dainty dress. Layer up, stay warm and comfortable, bring blankets. Likewise for hot weather. Wear something that breathes. You don’t want to feel like a hot sweaty mess. Comfort is key!! Avoid shoes you can’t walk in. I often make my couples walk quite a ways to their location. Once we’re there I also have them run around and do activities.


  • Bulky knit sweaters
  • Quiet quirky patterns
  • Dainty boho jewellery
  • Texturized hair and fabrics
  • Shoes you can walk, hike, and run in (when in doubt barefoot)
  • Clothing that shows off your personality

    The brim of his cap was getting in the way, so we ended up flipping it backwards to get cute photos like this.

  • Baseball caps/hats with a big brim: Large beaks on hat create a barrier between you and your partner that doesn’t allow for any intimacy in your portraits. You can’t kiss, put your faces close together etc. It also creates a large shadow over the top of your eyes. One exception that I approve of is the Indiana Jones style hats that are super popular right now. The brim is short enough for kissing and it can also be used as a prop for a portion of your session.
  • Logos: The most distracting thing you can wear. Don’t do it.
  • Do not wear the exact same outfit and/or colour as your partner, it doesn’t create enough contrast between the two bodies so you end up looking like a big blob. You also run the risk of looking like a coordinated 1990’s family photo shoot with the matching tops and bottoms.
  • Bright/Neon clothing: Takes away from the environment, all the attention is drawn to your clothing garment rather than your face.
  • Bold patterns: Distracting, pull attention away from the emotion and faces, takes away from the environment.
  • When in doubt

    Bring options

    Not exactly sure what to wear? Bring options and I can help pick an outfit that matches the environment. I also love when couples send me photos of their outfit choices so that I can guide them in the right direction.

    above all else



    You should always choose your outfit based on something that will allow your personalities to shine. If you have some bitchin' tattoos why not show them off? You dress like a quirky art teacher? Embrace it! You're a little bit of a punk rock lover? Show it off! Your toque never leaves your head? Keep it on! You love dressing up and showing off all your funky jewellery pieces? Do that! You like looking au naturel? Why change? I'm not here to tell you how to dress. Embrace your own personal style, while keeping in mind a few tips that will elevate your photos.

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